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Reviews for "Redemption : Part 1"


nice anim!

that was good but...

if i were you id make part 2 and submit them together. like in 1 flash cos its way to short the way it is now even for part of a movie.

tis good

1. The sound needs improving! the best part of it was at the end credits... bit late... (ok ok so you already said but still...)
2.Too short! although thats more a compliment... its looks like its gonna be a really good movie just make it longer - but dont change anything else. :D toodles

Looks good

I like the way you made the eyes. Why is it so short though? I mean, it says, to be continued. Why not continue it now? The file size was nice, so I don't really know why, it's your flash.
Background wasn't really the strong point here, except for the sky was nice.

Also, it seemed more like a staring contest than a fight, but the violence was great when they did somthing.

Have a nice day! :)

Super Sweet

Very good submission :)
I like the art in it, the detail in the eyes is very nice. Although I think the transitions between slowmotion and fast paced action are too great. There should probably be a bit more fast paced action with less stoppage time inbetween.
But that's just me, i like hardcore action - heh.
Overall: very good :D