Reviews for "Mohammed's Celebration"

That was well...new

Well I do like to see how people of the Islamic beliefs see this heh I do like to express my freedom of speech as well so should everyone else


That sure gave me more giggles than Doorknobcollabep000

I love postman pat!!!

I grew up watching postman pat! thats an isntant 5 for you!

God Bless Free Speech

maybe if the muslim population who are opposed to the extremists were a little more vocal and visual, instead of twiddling thier thumbs; they may be able to create a different view of a peaceful muslim for all to see. go on now, get up and go out and show us how you are different from them.

-i might not agree with what you said, but i will defend to the death your right to say it.

ok it was funny but not too funny.

to be honest it's crap. but a good funny crap. really fast movie too. so u made me laugh so i gve u 7. you got lucky. number sleven. seven you. seven to all of your work. complete seven. but next time zero. some of your work are bad. so 0 next time. ok.