Reviews for "Mohammed's Celebration"

Underdog? More like OVER RATED.

This was pretty bad- it was very random and it had not much to it. So its a bunch of guys blowing themselves up on really poor graphics and poor arabic imitations. Also why is it so funny? I barely chuckled. I dont get why this is rated so high - its not an underdog its overrated- big time.


5/5 good job lol


I guess I should be thanking you. Now I know that if I want to win an award, I should stop trying with my animations, and by making animations just as crappy as this one, I'm a shoe-in for underdog of the week.


crap movie

its ha a bad menu well its was all over the place the graphic were crap and the whole idea was done to death but thuis one was tried and frankly was a waste of time each little one you clicked on was rubbish i did not like this very much could have done much better


~ This was a very evil collab, but I guess some of it was funny. The menu music (from what I listened to of it) was pretty good. The sound was pretty good, all-in-all. The graphics and style were okay and bad, depending on the part. This wasn't a bad collab, overall. It was kind of funny (sometimes), but kind of sick and evil ~

{ 2/5 }