Reviews for "Mohammed's Celebration"


Haha yeah very funny folks. The SS is very unpredictable indeed. Good job funnybunch, but you gotta drop that celebration shortly before many young Muslims get upset. Me, i had a chuckle from the flash even tho im Muslim. Mainly because it was crap XD Way to go.

You make a good message, LOL

They are truly funny... I just hope nobody finds out where you really live lol...

Good for a cheap laugh

this submission was actually kind of funny.And this is coming from a Muslim.Try to concentrate on quality instead of quantity.you had many flashes but most were crap.Well all was.but if you worked on one flash you could concentrate on making that 1 flash better.Also what was that techno song in the last flash where the guy put that bomb under the bus?

This was blah

A couple of the mini stories had decent animations. But the story in general--terrorists destroying schools, buses, and synagogues--that just isn't funny at all. A lot of that music was just plain annoying, such as the music for the stick figures, and there were signs of laziness, as one of the mini stories ended within five seconds and ended with a white screen.

too much racist, not enough talent

Good idea, but the whole thing was pointless, poorly made, and the interface wasn't good.