Reviews for "Mohammed's Celebration"

Honka tonka

Great flash, FLCL. You have really raised my standards of movie viewing on newgrounds.


i love postman pat


with all those painted lips
and painted eyes
wearing a bird of paradise
you're nobodies sweetheart o' mine


That Postman Pat sure is one feisty muslim!!!!

Fivestar's was hilarious too!!!


guys with name tags walking down the aisles

mONKEY - he sure is a fast bomber how fast he goes he's wearing his nikes bro

fivestar - the best one this is the most epic funny thing ever epic funny i saw it yesterday it wasn't a dream

jellyrools - postman pat had it coming after that theme song

royboy - i cannot believe ethiopia is an anthill

the last one is just ugh

anyway hooray for indian music being played on the menu of an arabic cartoon