Reviews for "Mohammed's Celebration"


My god, I just absolutely love the one by Fivestar. It 's so goddamn funny I nearly fell off my chair laughing.

PS: Zumpert, you twat, if you're going to preach people then get your goddamn facts straight. The mohammed cartoons were originally published in Denmark, not in Holland you retard.


Your description was funny and the premise was great. Its too bad your movies kind of suck, qualitywise...well except that last one. That was definitely the best...though even thats not great.

On the issue at hand, I see nothing wrong with mocking Islam. Catholicism gets mocked all the time, and nobody complains, so why does Islam get special treatment? Because when you make jokes about priests being pedophiles, they don't immediately go out and rape little kids in protest.

"Stop calling us killers or we'll kill you!"

Yep, that totally works.

I voted five

Fivestar's was awesome! Made me lol, thanks!


my afve 1 was the one by fivestar

I'm so sorry...

but this really wasnt worth it. But I am impressed that you somehow made it to the underdog position.