Reviews for "World Defense"

simply brilliant

great work, u've made a superb game here, the major thing letting it down however, to be honest i quit before i died because it got tedious
i'd also have to say the most fun thing about the game was not avoiding the comets, but getting the comets to crash upon the planet
this game instead of being a scoreboard arcade game would be better if it were a little more singleplayer in approach, with a variety of missions and things to do, instead of juss avoiding the asteroids, perhaps they could be used to kill invading troops on the planet, or have alien spaceships invade every so often, anyway your obviously the one with brilliant mind, so i look forward to playing the sequel to this :D keep up the good work :D

A lot of environmentalists would be very upset.

I tried to make a crater through the earth that split it entirely in half. So far, I've only gotten to the inner core, but hopefully I'll be able to do it soon!

An interesting game that takes a little while to get used to. Not entirely challenging, and a little slow with the earlier levels. I think a difficulty setting is needed- one that controls speed, so the hardest difficulty level could have meteors streaming in.

I'm not entirely sure how God can so casually spin the world (for who else could?) or why we only have three buildings left... Or why there are a billion meteors of biblical proportions heading towards us anyway, but it was a definitely entertaining game. You get pro after a while.

I liked the blurring effect and the er, interesting music. It does get extremely challenging at the end- I had to try level 21 three times! Otherwise it was a very much entertaining game for people with a little bit of patience and an awesome sense of geography =)


Brilliant idea for this game.

You could catagorize this is as similar to the "Missile Command" games, but this is truely something unique and different. It is innivoative in the way that you can spin the earth around to avoid all the asteroids as they reach the earth (speeding up as they come close to the planet is a nice touch) and being able to upgrade after each stage.
It could do with a larger shop mode though, with more power-ups.


Very original game but tends to get repetitive.

Very cool music!

great game

very original idea. I agree with sebcio the music is annoying and i think an option to use the arrow keys to rotate should be included.