Reviews for "Fracture"


i love it for a couple o reasons
1. its like geometry wars
2. it gets bludy hard
3. its not like full on 12.6mb


i think theres gonna be an arcade game like this one comin out for the 360, but alot more levels =B

This game is SOooooo cool

i mean i was like o teh noess!!1111
it was funn the pink things are a nusence tho and the guy under sad it to u shld be able to buy power ups nestedd of lookin fo them

Friggin' Awsome!!!!!

its awsome the only thing is if itended after each level and u was able to buy upgrades besides looking for them and if the enimies spawned somewere else besides them being right on you.other then that this is a 10/10 and t is AWSOME GREAT KOOL and keep up the good work

this game was good

maybe have a special spawm point for the shapes cuz a shape spawn wee i was standing