Reviews for "Fracture"

This game is Fantasmagorical

It's Spendupular... wonderless... Radical, Awesome, Bodacious, Bossa Nova... Chevy Nova? Excellent!

Seriously though, this game is probably one of the most fun games I've played on here in a while. Just needs a lil bit more power ups, but the game is still super fun. Great neon colors for every enemy, and great variety.

Really Good

It is really good game,it is almost like asteriods but more funner.I thought the graphics were good,the controls were really easy,and i thought it was pretty damn addictve.Good job keep up the good work,I hope you make another one with more power-ups and other stuff.


why post this on newgrounds when it's already at crazymonkey? Enough people will play it there

tommoor responds:

Can you blame me for hankering after a front page feature? ;-)