Reviews for "Fracture"

Very good

You were right, this is reminscent of games like Robotron and Smash TV.

its ok


pretty cool

old school!


it's not that good but there are worse games so my advice to you is to work on the graphics and the overall gameplay.

Not as painful as the name would suggest...

When I saw the thumbnail pic for this game, I was expecting a quasi-3D shooter but instead found a simplistic game that isn't quite as fun as it looks. The graphics of the game are, as advertised, "retro": your ship is 4 white lines in a wedge shape, enemies are colorful geometric shapes, and 'explosions' are a jumble of lines. I actually had no problem with the graphics, I mean they're simple but effective. I don't always need to look at some sprite-on-steroids fly across the screen. The controls, imo, were surpisingly easy to get used to given the fact that they're a bit different(arrows to move, wasd plus diagonals to shoot), although I can't claim I was all that proficient with them. The actual gameplay itself, though, can use some touching up. I went for five minutes in one game without getting any shot powerups, and it really sucked. Trying to get a high score is only a good objective if the game itself is really fun OR challenging to play, but this game proves to not be enough of either.