Reviews for "Fracture"

Great retro shooter

The graphics are great, the engine / physics are great, and the gameplay is great. Overall, I find nothing wrong with this game. I much prefer this one to Fracture 2, however. A Fracture 1 with Fracture 2 powerups would be awesome though.

7th High Score

I did well, it was easy, it was simple. RETRO SHOOTER 10/10

Nothing new, but still decent.

What can I say about this? The game slows down whenever there's more than a few enemies on-screen and the concept is nothing new and has been executed much better by others. However, the gameplay is solid and the enemies can actually provide a bit of challenge. Also, bouncing off walls is extremely fun.


I think this game is a spot-on retro shooter. The graphics are actually relatively good, plus a perfect way to make the shapes explode. The only problem is the controls: a bit hard to pick up on. As for all the people saying basic this, basic that, think about it you morons, it's a retro shooter. it's supposed to be basic. like the game called asteroids? you remember now? there's a good kid.


Graphics too simple but lovely smooth scrolling, game is rather tedious after a while
-a mini map
-end of level baddies
- bad graphics but nice scrolling
- increase interest level
- A & W keys to shoot diagonally puts LEFT ARROW out of order
You should'nt have missed that