Reviews for "The Death of Dailytoons"


No dont leave me Daily Toons. I need you. Your the father of my internet baby you cant go.

yeah whatever!

nothing personal but I never even heard of you, I don't particularly like masons. Oh and Newgrounds has soooo many better animators than you!

Also some songs get a bit cliche and overused. THAT IS ONE OF THEM.

Good luck, practice a little and come back with something great I know you can!



2 years of torturing in newgrounds...

Yes! this is what im talking about! you guys finally quit it, nice!
and i got to say you finished this crap with pretty nice submission...
AHH!! what the heck! its just crap! crap what you guys have allwayssending into newgrounds! but finally it ended... i think i would newer say this to starsyndicate but THANKS! 2 years of tortuting in newgrounds is finally ower and maybe someday there will be only good submissions in newgrounds, perhaps, who knows, but i will allways dream about that day, anyways, so long sucker! and thanks !

A final 5, and all 10 ranking to the SS.

NG just won't be the same without you guys.

Sure, we all hated how such crap always spams the portal, but you guys were starting to change, F00d wanted to start putting quality into the dailytoons, Fat Badger wanted to keep the crap, but some of it we at least got a laugh out of.

It is kinda funny to see a dick spinning around and around and such.

But, as a final word, we will always miss your free protection points.

NG just won't be the same without you guys.