Reviews for "The Death of Dailytoons"

Had to give straight 10's

I'm going to miss you guys. All your parody flashes, all of the reviews you get, it was an overall enjoyeble experience.

The graphics were great. Don't know when you started this, but if it was since you posted the thread in NG, you did this really fast. I still love the cutesy little graphics for your characters.

The sound was odd. It was very quiet on my computer, so I was afraid you would have Piclownjew pop out and yell "BYAAAAAAAHHHHHH!," but I'm glad you didn't. Plus, the song was a very good choice and I love it.

Very serious flash to me, no interactivity, violence, or humor. Still, this deserves 10's because I will miss you guys and it may be the last time you all work together.

Overall, goodbye. I'll miss you guys. :(
Responces highly appreciated.
Grade: A+++++


PROS: Great graphics and fluid animation through out the whole movie.
The song was perfectly suited for this, really touched me :.(.

CONS: As a final submission this was flawless.

OVERALL: What a great way to end the series. Some of your guys' stuff was hilarious, and it's a damn shame you're ending it. But people move on. Anyway nice job guys!


Simply the best thing on Newgrounds.

That was a wonderful flash guys. All parts were great and had great art and style.5d


<3 dave.

Nice work!!

This is a very good movie, the subject is good, the emotions are good.. PERFECT.. not really a negative thing to say..