Reviews for "The Death of Dailytoons"

Attention whores indeed

most of your flashes are terrible, this one was a bit of an exception. You actually had decent graphics this time. Still, it was in bad taste.


I am sad to hear that the SS is gone...I was hoping to join when I got flash...since I was hearing they gave people a chance...well...I suppose that all great things must come to an end...so on and so forth...oh..and humor is 10 for the message to SS Haters. Well...so long and you have the blessings of The Irish (me) Tae-Kwon-Do (Me again) and myself. (Me.) Goodbye, and please, do come back.


why must it end please ceep them cumming please i luv you guys *crys for hours*

I really Enjoyed it.

I really did enjoy it. I will mis SS :'[


Give it a ten just for the prank and the reply's you guys are giving :-)