Reviews for "The Death of Dailytoons"

Goodbye sweet rose

Thanks for the laughs. We'll always have Paris.

Im half and half with you guys.

You guys did make 1 or 2 good flashes when you bothard to put the effort in, but you guys derserve to go for many other reasons.

You cheated the NG system with mass voting on crappy flases you made don't deny it cause you did. Another thing what connects to this is that you cheated the awards to get turn on purpose with shit like HENTAI KITTIN SEX 27 or something geeky.

Also what pissed my off the most was that if you had any enemies and they made any flash you and your buddies mass voted it so it could be blammed. It is true cause i have seen a few of Bahamut 7 flashes and some of them are pretty good, but since he hated you and a few other made an anti group hating you, you got a few of your mates to give them low scores or try to blam the flash they were making. Trust me i seen the reviews from the flashes and they are from a star or a power ranger.

Well another thing what didn't help was sevenstar. He made it much worse for you guys. Also being against Wade was pretty stupid since hes one of the top dogs on NG.

Well im not sad of you guys going really cause you didn't really do much on here rofl. Another thing which i will laugh at you guys is now that any of you arn't friends now and what you did on here was a watse of time making rubbish which no one didn't give a dam about HAHAHAHAHAH.

Nelson: Ha Ha.

its a shame all your work isnt like this.

if all your movies were like this than i would be upset your leaving. this is the first time ive ever seen fat badger ...... cute!!!

I'll miss you.

The SS was definetely one of my biggest insperations in flash. It's really a shame that it has to go down like this. The tragity that is this will never be forgotten, because SS was possibly the best and biggest flash crew ever. (besides clocks duh) ...and the message to all SS haters is cool.


u gotta b fucking kidding me

shit realy bad to see a great artist leave