Reviews for "The Death of Dailytoons"

Bye bye

goodbye star syndicate

Sad to see it go

Though the Star Syndicate wasn't my absolute favorite of the NG groups, I really did enjoy having you guys around. The parodys were usually pretty funny, and the dailytoons always made me chuckle. Im sad to see you guys go.

Star Syndicate

Im so happy

not because the toon was so good, but to be rid of you guys, I gave you a five for that, cheerio mates.

Now I get it.

The star syndicate wasnt just all about pissing people off. It was a great community. It was filled with evil people and good people. Like that was quality work. And I really started enjoying the dailytoons with the cool menu cause you guys got some cool flashes gettin sent to you. the ss meant a lot to many people.

It was a good run guys.

Thanks for having me, even though I haven't posted in months. This brought a tear to my eye.