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Reviews for "TooF Staring Contest"

i tell u wats bollocks

once again another great flash.

take no notice to Mogly his review is a load of bollocks there wouldn't be a newground if everything was true to life.


nothin too new. but still a good flash.

Awesome just awesome

Ok logo i am a big fan of TooF you may know me as Dark from your forums i would get back on but i forgot my pass i put in that email and it didnt give me the email im just saying could you help me with this ive tried 5 times
Well on topic for the movie questions
1:Ok i have a suggestion ok so there the cavity TooF a toof with a cavity he talking with cuban TooF then sudenly Tongs come into the mouth and take Cavity TooF away cuban TooF cries.Then 2 reular TeeF pop up and talk to him then one bangs him against the head(like in TooF 4)
2:Would you consider a dark TooF like hes black and when they meet him he got a realy deep voice(DEEPER THAN SOLID TOOF)
that would be clool.
3:I realy like TooF and would like to see this reveiw in number 9

Singing off

great movie!

that was a good movie, as usual but i dont really like your "original TooF" u talked aboot in the comemtary, but who cares,
to sum it up overall nine, this flash is crunk, fo shizzle!

P.S. u won the TooF war agenst the stars, at least daily2oons did

Honestly Hilarious

It was Funny, the part about putting a picture of the other Toof's Mom, under his eyelids, Made me laugh my ass off.