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Reviews for "TooF Staring Contest"

What can I say?

Okay now...Really the only thing I can tell you to improve upon that isnt based on my own opinions is...

-Perhaps a change of scenery every now and then wouldnt kill ya? The creativity that would go behind that process would be interesting since...ya know...theyre inside a mouth. Like he could eat some brocolli...and theyd be in a jungle...something wacky like that WOW! ut all that aside...I still probable wouldnt like this because...

HUMOUR! Yes may just be me but I havent smiled at one of your episodes yet. Its not at all very funny. Its conversation between a bunch of uninteresting, bland, dull teeth. They dont really talk about ANYTHING! And what they do talk about may have appealed to me when I was....perhaps in 8th grade? But once again this is only my opinion. So I voted accordingly and everyone else will as well...probably. So I dont dont know if youre going to change the series or not because some like and some dont like. Maybe you should make another series alongside this one that would appeal to users such as myself? Just throwin it out there


Seriously man you really need to put more effort into your graphics. They are simply awful. And what the fuck was with the guy on the rights eyes? Why was the inside the colour of the toof and where youve masked over it it was white? I honestly have no idea why these get 3.5 + each time. Frankly the sound quality is good but your voice tends to grate after a while. Maybe get some other people to do some voices because yours is not exacly musical. So far through out your whole series you have not managed to raise more than a smile from me! And i laugh my ass of at BBQbeefburgerman. And another thing what the Fuck is with your comentaries (sp?) They give no insight into the making of the cartoons. They just simply mock people that don't find your cartoons "Hilarious". I am not amused. END.

Excellent! Toof series is amazing! I love you!

Please put me in your next reviews, I thnik they'er the best part of your 'animations', I've just got 2 questions.
Question 1: How big is your mic?
Question 2: Where did you learn to draw like that?
Question 3: Can I be in your reviews?
Question 4: How do you animate your voice into all those different, "crazy" styles?
Question 5: Can I be in your reviews?
Amazing, I fink u r Amazing, Tom Fulp should put all your toof series on the Frontpage at all times. KEEP AT YOUR GREAT WORK!

you just lost it.

man you just so lost it. You didn't even color in the eyes for that one tooth this time. And you barely moved the camera at all. If you hadn't just put in the part about the teeth exploding for no reason which was the only part you actually did a little animating on, you would have been below 3.50.