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Reviews for "TooF Staring Contest"

Another great Flash...

...And, hey, man, you sound like you want to take a break from TooF. Seriously, if that's what you'd like, you can. No one's stoppng you.

Pros: ...The dialogue reminds me of the first TooF, with a little "omg" factored in.
Cons: ...None.

C'ya, man.


I like the Toof series
Don't let all the "haters" out there make you stop making these things :D Can I ask you some questions

-Where do you live if you don't wanna answer that tell me which country you live in

- Where do these Teef get all of there stuff?

- Can the tounge in the mouth talk?

-Dazmi :p

i still love your series

nuthin wrong with bein a fan your still the man logo but i didnt hear you in tankmen btw y no cuban toof, teef, teeth, w/e shirts? i gotta have 1 from toof 5 man please make my sexy king


that was good but plz mke more


i love toof, but the last 2 havent been as good as the others....and what happened to the comentary?!?!?!?!? i loved the comentary!!! oh well, yea it wasnt as funny as the others but it was still good!