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Reviews for "TooF Staring Contest"

Awesome job once again, Logo.

Hilarious job once again, Logo. Probably the best story so far, next to TooF 6. I'd like to ask a few questions, though.

1. Is there going to be another reference to the mouth, since there hasn't been one since the first TooF episode?

2. What happened to the TooF in TooF 4 that got knocked out?

3. How long are you going to stand all these authors making fun of your series?

Anyways, the graphics were great as usual, the story was hilarious, sound was great, and as usual, it was funny as hell. Hope you keep making TooF flashes.

It was my birthday yesterday and me and my friends ate a whole bucket of ice cream together. :)

Classic TooF

What exactly did he spit out? It looked like a grenade. Dammit, I wanna spit grenades!!!


Well not much happened in this one, it was pretty plain but it was funny as ever. The mutant gerbil turtles? WTF O.o and the explosion was hillarious! Anyways, what's the point of bleeping the movie when you didn't bleap your responses? :P anyways keep 'em coming bro!

haha :P

i still remember everythinh - FUCK! :P nice ^^

Just keeps getting better.

Congrats on yet another funny Toof episode, can't wait for the next one.

Also, I have a question. How far do you think you can keep doing this? I'm not saying stop because I love every episode, I want this to keep going as long as people like myself enjoy watching.

Until next time, some brownies :)