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Reviews for "TooF Staring Contest"


This one was good!!! and I liked the red words in the logos, reminds me of The Word... forget which show that was on Colbert report or daily show with John Stewart.

Q1. Will you have any zombie toofs/toofs with plaque and any going to the dentist scenes/brushing toofs (preuming that these toofs are in someone's mouth)?

Q2.Will there be any profesional fighting scenes? It would be awesome like a wrestling/boxing match and there would be two toof reporter guys.

Q2.Are the idle toofs actually alive? or are they just asleep, or having unimportant chat unrelated to the storyline?

P.S. I was gonna type in teeth instead of toof(s), luckily I remembered :P.

P.S.S. plz atleast read this reveiw!!!!

P.S.S.S. I'm gonna join your forum.

P.S.S.S.S. I think this is my longest reveiw :).


that was one of the most simple toof's I have seen in awile but still very funny. I have to say that at first i found the eyes to be abit freaky, but once it was explained that it was a stairing contest I under stood.

Suggestion: Why not have a girl toof, a baby toof, or an old toof

Question: In the first toof the tonge and the other thing started to talk why dident you do this again?

Foo! You just got 5'vd!

Great series, just tuned in last night. I hope you make many more so i can be a stupid newb and 10 them all, :D

(Gives Ice Cream)


yes ,toof 8, omg this was real funny especialy when he blew up the other toofs with a grenade (rofl)...i love your animation....um oh yeah!
only question:when r u going to put in the tounge or the ugvula like in toof 1???
i hope you make like 20 more toofs and that those priks who keep making stupid videos that make fun of toof just stop whinning and shove it

please respond


I'm not a man of many words as the person above me, BUT I DO WORSHIP THOSE THEETH!