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Reviews for "Champion"


Warlock911 is a dumbass for thinking that this game should have a python, this game is ment for the bow and sword not a revolver. Triple shot would be good but extra soldiers is dumb.

Keeps you going for a while

This keeps you going until you are fully upgraded, then you practically beat the game.

Good, but could be better...

Great game.
Only things you should change are:

1. Make a "Pause" feature, where you can upgrade in game.
2. Give the player more points each shot
3. More upgrades. eg. "Extra Soldiers," "Triple Shot," maybe even "Python" (That's a revolver, for all of you folks you don't play Call Of Duty.

But all in all great game, I reckon you should make more of these but with different themes.


guauuuu esta genial el juego
muy bueno


you'll get bored if you get all upgrades..,