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Reviews for "Champion"

not to bad

but could of been way better

Good but not the best.

Game was good. But even though i was doing really well my army seemed to never respawn. It should have a second version, a sequel but to where you can upgrade during a round cause i was dying and for like 2 or so minutes no army came out.

liked it

nice game


pretty great :) the upgrades are well spaced out so you can't just buy them all early and get bored, the big guys add some to the gameplay when they swarm you. all in all, very solid.


hey ..... i'm likeing this game ;)
but does axist anything for memorizing our point's cuz i was not register and i reach round 41 but then my internet stuck and the enemy win ...
my abiectivity was round 100 ....... i will make it some other day !!! -thank's-