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Reviews for "Champion"

Good game

Guys, you have to take into account that this was made 5 years ago. That was about the time that DYC-like games were starting to peak. Now, we're used to defense games having great graphics and shit-loads of upgrades. This is a good game for the time.

Yes, needs a remake

Gameplay is good but there are so much things which are destroying the game.
1. You don´t get money after beating a Level.
2. You don´t get money if your soldiers kill an enemy.
3. Every level looks like the levels before.
4. You have to start over if you die.
5. There are always the same enemys.
6. You don´t have your own gameplay, you have to skill the things with the lowest cost, so first you buy the more damage skill, then the faster soldiers skill etc.

So the game is okay but nothing for longer playing.

wtf are the soilders

why does it seem your soilders show up at random? sometimes i have 50 of them, sometimes none for a full minute?

could be better

dont like how you cant move i know better

Needs a remake

As it is this game can be good; however, in my opinion, much too much counts on luck alone. Some battles you find that your men greatly outnumber your enemies and hence you get no points unless you try taking pot shots at the few enemies that there are. On other battles you are able to keep a good control over the battle flow and without making any mistakes a massive horde of enemies comes running in and you find that your allies are few and far between. I hate to see such a good idea wasted by the way the game was made. This game could be great if you did a few things to fix it up. Firstly it would be greatly improved if you added "easy medium and hard" as options. Perhaps easy giving you the ability to retry levels as much as you want. Then you should add a few more upgrades, maybe a few stat options and voilà, an amazing game. Too bad it is a bit frustrating as it is.