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Reviews for "Champion"

Interesting game for the start

The game is quite challenging at the start , when you need to literally charge the power bar to fire the arrows but as you get the 'No power bar' upgrade, things get a whole easier. Not to mention the 'double arrow' and 'quick shot' upgrade, YOU (a single stick) can destroy an entire horde of big n small sticks.

Thats why , i recommend this game for passing times, not for long term. It's too gay . Hoping to see some new updates on this game though

Poor Game

Sorry, extremely poor, not fun, poor upgrade system, your own soldiers work against you getting points, bow isn't dynamic in range, poor level progression. Bit of fun for five minutes while you're bored at least.

it amused me... for 5 minutes

i suppose its an alright game, it just needs improvement. there should be a limit to the # of enemy soldiers. it should rely less on chance. for those of you who are giving this game more than a 7, i ask you to take a look at the game. there is barely any work put into it what so ever. it probably took like a minute to write the story line, and it isn't entertaining enough for me to even try and get all the upgrades.

Nice Game

i think it needs more upgrades..
but then again. once you got the double arrow increase damage, and the last one(forgot what is called) you don't need your soldiers... you'll be needing them just so you could proceed to the next level.. :p

TIP for some people who doesn't know how to strategize:

if you think this game gets harder each level... why not start of by letting your own soldiers die then kill the horde but do not kill every enemy make sure that you also maintain the balance of your own soldiers and the enemy's as to not proceed to the next level... with this you could kill more and earn more money for the upgrades... this takes quite a lot of time.. but if you are willing to win in this kind of game.. this is definitely worth it... don't just go saying that this is a "very hard" then quit all of a sudden... especially don't WHINE about it... how about accepting the fact first that you can't beat the game.. then ask yourself(or someone competent) how you can improve in this kind of game...


Why?! Why?! Seriously?! Most of the time the game is fine, you make mistakes that you pay for but some times in the second lvl theres a horde of god knows how many people. Bit random I'd say.

Game Overall: Worth about ten minutes, 4/10 and 2/5