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Reviews for "Champion"

this game is kinda fun

if u want to kill 5 minutes of your life play this game. theres nothin special about it and it looks really ccrappy. theres hardly any upgrades and u get bored with the gameplay so fast. this could have been really good if the level wasnt thrown together in 5 seconds.


same thing over and over....... very boring

nice game

i die in lv 5 and ps need up dates




Awsome, very awsome, but this game can't be played for ever though after you upgraded everything! But I did play some rounds..I did until 32, I had fun shooting arrows on the air and kill the stickmans when the arrows lands on them :P I had 8950 gold left over xD but now I decided to stop caus it annoys me xD but it's a very good game! Cheers!