Reviews for "Pick Up"


This was awesome. I loved the style of it all. Funny anime style and funny over all. The music was good, very appropiate. I loved it to pieces.

And by the way I love the machete-weapon, very evil. I love designing weapons, and that is very kewl.


Huhh.. I didn't understand what they were saying.. Always reading. Well I didn't understand the end ..... Why the guy have a sword like this... and wtf square every where.. well lol good job anyway.. I liked the graphics... humhum


Skaijo responds:

'Bout time I got a comment on that square. I was beginning to wonder about you, NG.

Good, but..

I couldn't understand a thing they said.

Oh snap!

Wow, that was alot of animation and stuff. Really good too. Reminded me of Fooly Cooly for some reason :P anyways great drawings and even greater animation. But what was the story though? Was there a prequel for something before this? Or it's just the beginning of a series? Either way you did mention something about a person sent to recover 2 enchanted weapons that turned people into killing machines. However confusing it seems to me I still liked it alot, Great job! 5/5 Peace out.



MKAY....random violence... I LIKE THAT!!