Reviews for "Pick Up"

pretty cool

can't wait till the sequel.


lmao best flash i've seen today


I liked the musik,it went with the fighting,the voices were perfect for the charecters,the only thing u needa do,is make them sound a little louder.There was times i could barely hear what they said.The animation was perfect,the story seems GREAT!GOOD FLASH! hope ta see more

excellent job.

hey skaijo, remember me? i used to go in the flash forum a lot and i helped critique a beta of your movie (i think).

excellent job on the movie, but i think it would have been better off without voices or other sounds. the music could have set the atmosphere and you could still just have subtitles instead of voices \:

but other than that, i really liked the finished product. not really much more to say \:

Skaijo responds:

Don't be stupid. :P

Of course I remember you. You're not only one of my Flash buddies, but I also look up to you as an artist and programmer. It's totally cool to get a review from you, mizan.

I'll post a Music Video Edit (that will just have the animation and music) on my deviant art page sometime this week just for you.

This was so freakin awesome!

First off, I just want to thank you for making such an amazing flash movie I really really loved it. The style was original, unique, and it fit in so well it was just amazing. Visuals were really well done and animated very well, which complimented the flash so nicely.

I thought the music was also very good, it fit in well with each moment and really sounded perfect. Voice acting was top notch as well, each character sounded like they should have.

The camera was also cool, I liked the way it was always moving and changing. Story wise it was also great, I can't wait to see what happens next. Keep making kick ass flashes like this!