Reviews for "Pokemon G/S Lance Battle Final"


I'm going to mail you a high-five, that was amazing.

Burn7 responds:

Well thanks, I'll be waiting on my front porch for that high five!

...that is what you promised me, right buddy?

I mean, if I didn't get one I don't know what I'd do. I might just have to -kill everyone-. But you wouldn't lie to me... would you? :D


I love this. 'Nuff said.

Burn7 responds:

Well thanks!


You took a nostalgic song, and made it totally EPIC! Haha, and the sound was great! You obviously are a big fan of it, and the double bass in the middle sounded amazing!

This is really kick-ass! You should work in the movie industry and put this in a Pokemon movie in real life lol, that'd be funny!

Burn7 responds:

Thanks dude, I wish I could get a job in the movie industry. It pays pretty damn well, and I'd actually be able to produce professional quality audio. Which would be awesome.


brings back some good memories mixed with nice music

Burn7 responds:

Thanks dude! That's what I strive for.


this is the best pokemon tune made BETTER!! definatly worthy of the ultimate legendary!