Reviews for "Doom - Inferno"


I like it, are you gonna do Thy Flesh Consumed, the next plart. The strange thing i never really see people play or talk about the 4th part. Though download DooM for Xbox Live Arcade.


Great video. but there were some monsters that i don't remember from the game. like the black guy with a chaingun.


You did a great job making the series!


i downloaded this game, and shores of hell along time ago
but thenmy comp got fukn up so i had to erase all the data,
and i cant remember where to download
those 2 games at
so where can i download doom shores of hell, and inferno
ive searched the internet but havent found anything yet
plz help!!!


dude not to be rude or something but you forgot episode 4 in doom 1 :\ but its only in ultimate doom so:\ well ill hope you continue making these episodes cause its very good:) 5/5 10/10