Reviews for "Doom - Inferno"

ha ha ha ha wow

yeah i laugh because i used to play the shit out of this game. and still do to this day. hey please can i make a request for doom 2 hell on earth. that would rock the hardest.

keep the doom alive man ha ha ha lol


u ended it liek that? u shoul dmake another one to finish teh whole series off and liek make liek a battle between him and a dmeon and den they both die cuz the marine was shot so much but he manages to kill it that woul dbe good and i love the was u made these movie sreally greati love it

Pretty good but can be improved

Pretty good DOOM flash movie although I do have suggestions

1. During the scene where the marine fights the Mancubus and saws it in half, you could have used the original death scene from the game seeing as in the game it also splits in half (and a pretty cool way to)

2. When the Marine jumped out of the river (cool way of bringing in some mythology there to) and landed you could have instead had the camera pointing at his back when he hit the ground and have him crouch down(you know like in the movies when the main charectar land from a high jump they hit the ground crouching. I dunno why but it just seems cool when they do it lol). Incase you didnt know yes there are sprite images of the marine crouching, all you need is the actual game, a source port (zdoom is best for this) and your set.

3.Spider Mastermind fight needs to be longer and it can't be killed so easy (get the marine a bit blasted from the gunfire and stuff makes it more dramtic)

Other then that this was pretty impressive and cause of it I made up my mind to start making flash movies on DOOM so great job. Oh yea apparently a friend from online DOOM apparently actually did a part of this movie (according to him he was the narrator). Do you mind telling me if this is true or not cause I wanna rub it in his face if it aint lol. All I know is his online name which is Sid Armas.

LilDwarf responds:

Thanks for all your suggestions! As for the guy, his real name is Griffin Lancer and I have no idea what his online name is...just ask him what his second name is and there you'll know. I did everything BUT the narration so it could be true.

fuckin awesome man. But...

I thought the fight with the spidermind was too short. And obviously the Mancubus is only in Doom 2: Hell on Earth. Make another one, but Thy Flesh Consumed wouldn't work cuz he's back on Earth now...so you have to do Doom 2. I still have to find the first chapter(which I'll do when I finish this review...)but I like the way you handled the Doom series. I'm a huge Doom fan and there's alot of decent Doom tributes on NG but yours are some of the best. Although...what the hell IS the hero? A vampire? You pulled the whole Blade thing...hops in tthe blood andthen goes fuckin berserk. Even used the same song as in Blade 2, lol. But seriously...I really would like to know the explanation for that...but keep up the good work, man.

LilDwarf responds:

Lol thanks alot. Firstly I put the mancubus because I wanted to add more variety to the movie demon-wise. There aren't many cool demons in Doom 1, so I just used the ones on Doom 2 which IMO are much better. Yes, I think I'll do Thy Flesh Consumed and probably Hell on Earth (Doom 2). As for the river thing, the river is supposed to be river styx, which according to mythodology, gives anyone who touches it superpowers. The Blade reference is completely coincidental and now that I look at it, it IS very similar XD

I loved it, it was killer.

Especially when the rocket shot straight into its brain. Make one for the fourth episode, Thy Flesh Consumed.

LilDwarf responds:

I will :) Thanks for the review