Reviews for "Doom - Inferno"


but i saw something wrong with it
when it shows the doom marine returning to earth, the background doesnt suit the music, it looks as if hell already had raided there
but still, nice movie, would of liked to see him mowing down armies of like 10 or 20 of the monsters at a time :3
now u gotta make the next movie, doom: hell on earth, then doom: resurrection of evil, perhaps some movies with ideas for doom games that u made up urself, i can come up with the names... doom: wasted planet, doom: scourge of the galaxy, etc x3

wow now you have to make another!!

great cliffhanger but alas you said this was the finale but if you change your mind do a doom war on earth thing

another nice movie

good movie, nice scnes. only the last boss fight may have been a little longer. for the rest keep it up


failure for that guy! XD lol he just lost earth and everything he loved on it! XD


make a good doom movie i thought it was and man its way harder than the original