Reviews for "Doom - Inferno"


The FPS scene was absoluly the best part in this one(I also reconise that level from TNT:Evilution). I wasnt expecting music from the Matrix on the Spiderdemon scene but nevertheless
it fit really good for it.I also agree with the previous reviewer, there should be a DOOM section on NG.

LilDwarf responds:

:D Yet another supporter :)) I'm glad you liked it and thanks for the review ^__^

fuckin awesome man. But...

I thought the fight with the spidermind was too short. And obviously the Mancubus is only in Doom 2: Hell on Earth. Make another one, but Thy Flesh Consumed wouldn't work cuz he's back on Earth now...so you have to do Doom 2. I still have to find the first chapter(which I'll do when I finish this review...)but I like the way you handled the Doom series. I'm a huge Doom fan and there's alot of decent Doom tributes on NG but yours are some of the best. Although...what the hell IS the hero? A vampire? You pulled the whole Blade thing...hops in tthe blood andthen goes fuckin berserk. Even used the same song as in Blade 2, lol. But seriously...I really would like to know the explanation for that...but keep up the good work, man.

LilDwarf responds:

Lol thanks alot. Firstly I put the mancubus because I wanted to add more variety to the movie demon-wise. There aren't many cool demons in Doom 1, so I just used the ones on Doom 2 which IMO are much better. Yes, I think I'll do Thy Flesh Consumed and probably Hell on Earth (Doom 2). As for the river thing, the river is supposed to be river styx, which according to mythodology, gives anyone who touches it superpowers. The Blade reference is completely coincidental and now that I look at it, it IS very similar XD

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Definitely the best one my favorite part was where he emptied his whole clip and was getting killed until he pulled out his chainsaw and cut the guy in half. There were no flaws in this one, great music and had great doom action.

LilDwarf responds:

Thanks alot buddy :)

doom 2!

why don't you do a series for doom 2 and final doom(please respond)?

-great vid

LilDwarf responds:

Sure I'd love to do them, but lately I feel like I have lost the isnpiration or fun I had making these. One day I might impulse myself to do it ;)

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