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Reviews for ""The Golden Mushroom""


I liked it because its Mario!!! :)

cool but

is this a dream because wart is a dream need help here?


The sprite work was ok but once again the humor was not there sorry keep trying

MajinPiccolo responds:

*sigh*, I guess it's literaly impossible to please everyone. lol

cute i guess

it is true. mario stuff gets used too much.
But you did a good job with it.
try using a different game.
Everybody beats mario and sonic to death.

This pissed me off

The whole movie was dry, the tweens were simple, the only thing i can really compliment you on is the sound. You did a very good job on that. But using 5 tweens a movie is not exactly eye opening. It just pisses me off you told me i did an ok job on my movie i showed you..when I put a damn good effort into it. shame on you, i looked up to you like an older brother ;_;