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Reviews for ""The Golden Mushroom""


The sprite work was ok but once again the humor was not there sorry keep trying

MajinPiccolo responds:

*sigh*, I guess it's literaly impossible to please everyone. lol


I guess I expected better from you.

This was not 100% enjoyable, I did love the style of the opening credits.

The comedy was dry and very old, but I know that jokes arn't easy to come up with, so I'll let that slide. The animation was good.

But in all, it did not grab my attention, or entertain me that much, sorry. I think that most of the voters and reviewers only voted high because you are a popular animator, if you were a unknown animator, I doubt this would get higher than 3.4. Better luck next time


dont do your own voices

seriously thats the only reason im giving you such a bad score it SERIOUSLY bugs me when people do the voices themselves it doesnt sound real most of the things the characters said you could have just downloaded

not THAT funny

yeah it was kinda funny but not that funny i luaghed at the cavern part though bad rating, yeah but it's a sprite movie so not much to say and he couldn't make a sequel cause -SPOILER THING- the golden mushroom was destroyed right?

Not good

It is really tedious seeing so many Mario submissions on here - why can so few people make something original? But, as another reviewer has already pointed out, the masses of Newgrounds users seem to love it and therefore encourage more of the same. Ho hum..

The voice acting was a bit annoying, particularly the dreadful "Italian" accents.

The animation itself was reasonably good, with a few nice touches in the direction of the art, but it's still not original characters obviously. I liked the opening credits, even if it went on a bit long.

The jokes were pretty much people falling over or objects falling on people. That's it. You need some more diversity in the humour instead of stretching the same gag out for so long. This got boring really quickly.

Sorry, I wish I had something more positive to say, but I'm really irritated by seeing the same cartoon 100 times a week.