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Reviews for ""The Golden Mushroom""


i liked it better than the mario remakes. i really like how u used voices for mario, not just "ohhhnooo,wooow,its-a me, mario!" over and over. so i choose a 9 for it. good work

MajinPiccolo responds:

Thanks, I choose a 9 for your review.

wow...30 minutes of entertainment

Yes there was funny parts and serious parts. This flash is awsome. I bet ya you put a lot of work into it. OMG this flash is awsome. I really dont know what to say but...ill see your name in the front page next week!!!

MajinPiccolo responds:

It's actually 10 minutes long, and I put 2 months of work into this. Thanks, glad you were entertained by it.

Hehe Funny

Nice movie man..Its was funny and well thought of ! Almost Perfect!

^-^ ~ RayCloud

MajinPiccolo responds:

Thanks ^_^


I'm gonna keep this movie in my favourites as reference for when people say stuff like "ALL SPRIET MOVEIS SUCK LOLZ". This is one of the best sprite movies i've ever seen.

You did the voices excellently, and the animation was perfect. I laughed quite a lot at the little fight scenes, that boomerang part was genius.

Well done, keep up the good work.

MajinPiccolo responds:

Thank you. The voices were very well done thanks to the voice actors, and I'm glad you enjoyed the little fight scenes here and there. I enjoyed making them.

Best Unofficial Voices Ever!

I'm not kidding when I say this.... Those were the best unofficial voices for Mario Luigi, Peach, etc. I have ever heard in the 5+ years I've been watching sprite movies. The animation was great as well, but the voices just blew me away. Great job!

MajinPiccolo responds:

Heh, thank Kirbopher15, D-Mac Double, Laura Post, and Cz-Backlash for the great voice work.