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Reviews for ""The Golden Mushroom""

stays true to mario

I really liked for one it hasn't changed the Mario storyline just made what they do on it alot funnier.

Great overall movie, loved the voice overs

Great work, 4/5

sprite movies are common but at leest they are better then stick movies. Could of used a little more blood. i love blood in sprite movies!


This flash in my opinion was funny. Next time try making it longer so you can fix more humour in the flash, such as the bodies flying and the guy getting stuck in the door, ect. Keep working on it, this flash was pretty good.

alright homeslice....

it was okay just the voices were a little shitty.
it was funny when wario and waluigi were breakdancing while mario made for the exit and what is the power of the golden mushroom???
u should make another one called "the metal cap" where mario gets to defeat baby bowser for taking baby mario and baby luigi. when mario puts on the cap he turns into METAL MARIO!!!
its just an idea...........

Babies on a rooftop

It was good, and I liked most of the humor in it. Especially the babies on a rooftop one. Heh heh.

Keep it up, I hope to see more stuff from Dungeon Studios soon!