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Reviews for ""The Golden Mushroom""

Good Job!

Flash was superb, sprite animation was terrific, the voices were very good, and the story was solid. Good job on this Mario parody!


nice work on the video, and btw, the chick who played princess peach sounded fucking HOT.

Nice job

It was great I loved the voice overs, the spriting was done well, and you had somthing original for the story.Ranks up there with RotMK, and I have to ask are you guys Bleach fans? I know I heard a song from the sries at one point during the movie.

l337 to the max

loved every single second of it. excellent voice cast as well. mario, peach and the others sounded...sounded...ZOMG...yeah...>_>

good job and keep it up.

kirby approves of this flash movie...


great flash

at least there is some fighting.