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Reviews for "Megaman Zero Alpha"

Meh... to much LIKE megaman

Wow, this game just wouldt be megaman without the extra impossibilty you put it in, seeing as how its stupid to use your sword, and thats mostly everyone main weapon.. thats out, the fact that the spider boss thing hits you even though you dont get hit by him adds a edgy feeling, makeing it even more horrible did i mention the game was impossible?


I can't believe how well done this is. This is better than any Flash game as a right to be. Way to go.

Eh? This isn't a real MMZ game? O.o

Well shit, it was so like a real game, so perfectly emulated, so fluent in sound, music, and control that I thought I was playing one!

I'm already itching to play the next; do hurry and finish it! I can almost guarantee that this will gain all sorts of awards and a place on the front page, you did such an excellent job.

10/10, 5 in the Portal.


Wow, what a great MMZ Game !! I really loved it, I love the style and also that it's well animated. Man you should make more or try making a Flash Movie with a Megaman Theme :D Keep up the good work!!

well put game but........

I like how you put the game together. The only thing that made me quit after a min. was the fact that i couldn't make the saber my main weapon unless i held the secondary weapon key down. Because in megaman zero 1-4 the saber was always my main weapon and my fav. So that is why i'm getting the game an overall score of 3/10 because i could not injoy playing it.

arayh responds:

Well, actually, you'd just have to press the secondary weapon key once. When you let go, your saber will still be your weapon. You could have let go of the button.