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Reviews for "Megaman Zero Alpha"

Great, but it needs a tutorial!

This game is very well-made, and I especially appreciate the ability to customize the keys, but it simply poor design when you assume that players will know how to perform complex maneuvers on the very first level without any sort of explanation at all.

It took me a full five minutes to figure out how to use dash and jump in combination to scale high walls--and while that got me from one end of the screen to another, I now can't figure out how to get past the part where there's a high ledge but no wall to dash-jump up. Rather than spend another five minutes of my life figuring out what combination of key presses will allow me to advance, I simply gave up, as I'm sure many of your players will. It's too bad, really.

a perfect 70

this game was awesome.i think zero is better than megamanx.i rated this a 5.so how is the next part gonna be like.


It was one of the best games ive played in a while

This game wuz great, i mean the plot may hev been a little weak at first, bgut you soon forgot about it anyway, when you got caught in the gameplay. It wuz really, REALLY fun to play, and i had to play it quite a few times to even start to get bored.....definitely a must play.

totally awesome!

this game rocks! much much more cooler than other megaman games in
other gaming devices

Absolutely Incredible

Another game that I simply HAVE to give all 10s to...It's just as good as the Megaman Zero games, it's just that you have to use a keyboard in this one. It fits nicely into the storyline and I settled right into the gameplay style even after a while of not playing Megaman Zero 4 :P
Everything was perfect, no complaints, just a few comments.


-When i was playing on firefox, the gameplay became sluggish, but at the same time making Omega incredibly easy (interesting). On IE it worked great and things were as hard as they should be.

-The cyber elf idea is great, much better than the other sytem(s) imo, and not too many elves to deal with. Good job.

-While fighting the fat elephant boss (which I do remember from the first game), he seemed not to take any damage whatsoever for quite a while. After a bit of fighting he suddenyl started to take damage again. The only way this wouldnt be a big problem is that he has three health bars, the first two being of the same or similar color. *shrugs*

-Question: Is the spider mini-boss supposed to be a GBA version of the extremely similar boss from one of the Megaman X games for the PSX? (cant remember which one atm)

-Great Job! I sincerely hope that you will continue making several more of these games :D