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Reviews for "Megaman Zero Alpha"

wow you should make games...

no really yous should think about becoming a game creator.... wow

Great game, but needs a little improvement.

I loved it, cuz, well, it seemed just like the MMZ series... just wasn't completely impossible.

Graphics: 10/10 - It took alot of the sprites from the original game, so that was awesome.
Style: 7.5/10 - Like a real mega man game... but a little more fixed. Try to make the next more open.
Sound: 9/10 - Yet again, sounded like it was from a real mega man game, but the music got a little dull.
Violence: 7/10 - Like a real mega man game, just a few explosions... but at the end when you cut that guy in half... priceless.
Interactivity: 7.5/10 - Like I said before, I didn't like how it wouldn't let you explore everything. Add that and that would be nice.
Humor: 0/10 - This makes sense as it wasn't meant to be funny.

Overall: 8.5/10 - Although a great game, it still has room for some improvement, but mostly small stuff.

Final Verdict - All in all a great game with a few minor problems. Keep up the good work.

very good gameplay...

not to be nit picky but this story isn't probable, Zero "slept" for one hundred years, so If Ciel was a child before he slept she should ahve been long dead when zero woke, even more so when she finds zero in the first game she has no prior memories of him at all, and the guardians where built when copy x was. otherwise great game, felt just like i was playing on my GBA


cool man, cool. lookin fwrd 2 the next one!

I love it

Good graphics and history but you should tell than to talk you have to press up and when you try to charge and evade it doesnt work. put an option to auto charge plz and keep with the good work