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Reviews for "Megaman Zero Alpha"


it was a great flash game my computer is slow and it stilled played well
nice job


Well It's not very original, but who fucking cares? It's still fun! Next time put naked girls in it tho, then more people will play it and realize how good it is

~Bye Now, Bojangles~ (*)(*)
) . (

really great . . .

this is some great work. my only gripe is that it was too small. the size of the sprites and stuff reminded me of the GBA screen. but this just a bit smaller. i guess it wouldn't hurt to make everything a little bit bigger so that there's less strain on the eyes. i love the megaman series and all, but playing megaman games on a keyboard just feels really weird. but just because of that doesn't mean that the game is bad. it's great. it's short, but i'm really looking forward to the next one.

One of the greatest games EVER!

This game is teh goodness.... I cant wait until the next on comes out!


It was just like a megaman game.