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Reviews for "Megaman Zero Alpha"

This is fun...!

This game is an action packed megaman rpg that should be releaced on the gameboys, PSPs, ect. Very fun!!! If you increase the graphics it could be sold for the ps2, xbox. Very fun and good storie.

awsome platform

nice game luv the sword n blowin up things cud of used the mouse somewere in the game. lyk the other 2 guys it defenatly needs a tutorial!! part from that a nice alrounder : )

sweet sweet harmony


Nice job!

It's a great game, and I really enjoy the tough-but-fair platforming mechanics. The wallslide thing is refreshing--completely different from other platformers. The only thing is what that other guy mentioned--it could really use a small tutorial. I didn't figure out how to use the sword, and was feeling gypped that it's freaking Zero and he doesn't get a sword, until I beat Omega. And right after that I'm stuck--how do you talk to people? I've gone everywhere I can, including through the roof level again, and nothing's happened, I've pressed every button on the keyboard when near every other person in the place, and I can't seem to advance anything. The last dialogue I had was X telling me to check out the elf replicas or something like that.

Pretty much freakin awesome

Even though you have to actually play one of the official games to understand some of these moves, it's a perfect game. Well organized, good storyline, but it's a little slow and that might be just me. Good job! 10/10