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Reviews for "Everyday"

Very good

well put together, i liked it alot


You know what? I created an account just to review this.

I love it, I love it, I love it. The art is smooth, beautiful, fluid but simple. The storyline is really adorably cute and - for others who complained - it doesn't need a big story plot and a big twist, especially for a short like this. :) It was wonderful. My only complaint was that the music was a bit low quality, but it doesn't really matter. :)

Also, for anyone who wondered what the song was, it's: Carla Bruni - Tout le Monde. :) It's beautiful.

Love the way you...

I just love your mind nibbling ends of your flashes, really makes you want to know more of it!


I'm offended that this isn't in a collection. It's bound to collect more dust than it should. Not everyone bothers to dig through the obscure. I found this by chance and that disappoints me.


This sounds more like a dream than a real future... But I'll happy to see that...if this don't harm my rights to download porn from the internet... xD

To previous reviewers: DO NOT speak about USSR, if you don't lived in it. Because in other case the cost of your opinion is absolutely nothing. You can't speak about things you know only from the anti-russian propagand.