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Reviews for "Everyday"

I'm gonna need to search for what song the French was in. Cute flash.

Creative, clever, lighthearted. Even with some of it being something I could predict, I left off smiling. The animations are nice, as well as the ambiance. I believe you got your point across well.
I want to see more videos like this on newgrounds - original talent without having to resort to crude, conforming humor.
Regardless of others, you did a wonderful job!

This was just beautiful

I loved this. It makes me wish something like this would happen to me. I watched it over and over again, and each time it made me smile.

But through watching it quite a few times, it brought a few questions to my mind.
The song appears to be French, he's reading the Washington Post, and the writing is in Japanese, or some other Asian medium... It also appears as though they're in San Francisco CA... I can only imagine where on Earth they may actually be.

Still a beautiful flash nonetheless. Its a shame you didn't win


That was ADORABLE.

Fairly nice cartoon

While it did not have that many things in terms of uniqueness, it was still a great cartoon. The best part was easily the epic animation. The best way to show this off is in the beginning with the train. It's odd how one of the few parts that do not have the people came off as being the best. The singing was pretty beautiful in this but as it was in a foreign language I was not able to understand it. What matters is that altogether it creates an effective, sweet little cartoon.

It's very mundane and can show the great things that can happen to us in real life. The only thing about the art I did not like was the man's neck. It just seemed too long. This is still worth seeing because it's a very tenderhearted cartoon that can just make you happy and look at the bright sunshiney day you have. Great things can be done waiting for the bus.