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Reviews for "Everyday"

sweet! :D

First of all, good setting. I loved the cute french song and I kinda tried to understand since I have been taking a few french classes in the past 3 years. Very well done, and I admit the ending actually made me giggle. XD which I usually don't do much of. LOL So I congratulate you miss. Great job! :D


simply great work and for the review above for osme reason i keep thinking it's french the words don't sound like frencyh it's jsut that i've never heard a japanese song that was slowly ssung like that. anyways another great music video please make more!

Flash Music Videos

I personally love flash music videos, but I don't really see much of them. This song wasn't particularly good, I prefered 'Yellow' (which I also watched and liked alot more), as I just liked the song more.

The graphics are very neat. And though it wasn't at all humerous, the end was a little kind of clever joke... What language was that? Chinese? Japanese? Well anyways, I hope you make more Flash Music Videos in the time to come. And hopefully more with better songs. What kind of song would 'Yellow' be considered? Classic Rock??? No idea... Well do stuff like that.


Your fantastic @ flash and music video compelation

In fact your so good at this, I just sent this one to my girlfriend.


that was great, amazing artwork and animation, it's really special, i look forward 2 seeing more of you work