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Reviews for "Everyday"


Really nice job,really touching,and shows how the person you least expect to be interested in you,actually could be.


you really catch emotion in your video's! keep it up you've got talent dont let it go to waste.


The animation and the little bit of the story was pretty cute ^.^ no idea what the song was saying but then again thats my own damn fault for not taking any languages


classic french style animation... the elongated neck on the woman is an old style that was supposed to depict elegance. i didnt expect to see anything like that on ng. but ive been suprised before. the animation was great was great for this style... the audio couldve been ran through an fttp filter for better quality. i look foreward to seeing more

What is the song

It is beautiful, i'm french yet i've never heard it. Is it Carla Bruni?