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Reviews for "Everyday"


Pretty girl.Nice.I gave it a 1/10

such a beauty!!

such a majestic beautiful art and story.. like they said i didnt understand a thing at the song


I didn't understand a word in that song but i got to tell you that was a great song. The flash blow me away and the best part in the whole flash "You newspaper was up side down." haha that mad me laugh. thanks for the work you do. can't wait to see more stuff.


This was a absolutely, fantasticaly, out of this world beautiful piece of flash animation. I found it by accident and that is a very good accident to have happened. It's a shame, though, that this isn't in any of the collections here. Hrmph...

But I have to say...even though it is a short piece? It was well done and it flowed very nicely. It didn't need some extravagant plot or to be any longer than it was. It went front point A to point B flawlessly. The art was lovely and everything about it was just very soothing and calming.

I hope to see even more pieces from you in the near future. :)

The Best Movie Ever

I personally created my very own account just to review this, I know others have as well, but I would just like it for you to consider us all and make more of these please. It was amazing.