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Reviews for "Armor Games Collection"

Good thing

I always enjoy the Armor Games almost all of them are real quality...almost.


reminded me of good old net yaroze! I liked the diving game, but would have liked a better view of the dive [pedantic I know]. The first game was good but the first level far too easy, and as for the space game - that was the nuts for me, great fun!

YOu put in effort....

Listen I ain't like these other posters who give game submitters low scores, when these people make these games in their own time put effort (most of them) and then put it on Newgrounds for people to enjoy for free. If people want to play good and great quality games, then they should go to the store and buy a game.
As far as it goes to this game, I'll be honest, I did not like the mini games that much, the one where you are in an alley is pretty boring and silly, when jumping garbage cans and 80's street punks are coming at you and you are armed with a pipe and simply put have lack of movement, and controlling the guy is not too great either. The space game COULD have had potential if you made te use of weapons the main factor (in my opinion of course). The diving game seems like it was not finished, and the divers jumps seem a bit unrealistic to me. BUT I see that you worked hard on these games, so I will give you a 7, because

not the best i'v seen from armor

you could'v made a better game. i mean a diving game c'mon

Pretty cool, yet pointless

The first mini-game sucks, it just plain sucks. Its not that fun, or exciting, and its stupid. The second one is pointless, but fun. Its just a fly around and seek n destroy game. I like it though. The third is stupid and pointless, but its amusing to see what you can make the diver do.