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Reviews for "Armor Games Collection"

Great idea, but needs tweaking.

Thrash n' Smash: Eniemes WAY too slow.
Alien Galaxion: Controls suckith. Nothing on Round 2.
Diver 84: Great idea. Favorite.


Its a pretty good retro collection but the it got boring really quick.

Not bad

i was into the space one, it could be better though, it would seem that all ships, even races have the same weapons, it would make it better if you split the weapons between races and then ships.

like, making each race have 12 different (but sort of similar) weapons, and each ship 3 weapons each, if you get what i mean. it would make it have more playability, and don't forgot that it should be possible to change ships in between rounds.

not bad ^-^

too bad it doesn't show any number of lives or soemthing. it's like it's game over if u get hit once.

I did not care much for this. I think its biggest fault was how you the games themselves were a bit too complicated. Not to sound whiny, but a collection like this should probably have more simple games. I didn't think the graphics in all of them were that good. At least they were unique.

Everything just seemed too ambiguous. I like you guys' other stuff. Funny how something with Armor Games in the title wouldn't be under the Credits & Info. Dang, they're everywhere, aren't they? It's pretty organized, I'll give you that.